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Current Events

Today We were working on current events.

I were looking for places that had events in. I was looking for places that were interesting and wrote about it on my google maps. The most interesting thing that had happened was that an indian person has smashed 273 walnuts with his head.

I enjoyed this task because it was interesting to see what places had interestings things to happen.

Main Ideas

LI: To identify the main ideas in the text














This week we have been learning how to find and collaboratively decide on the main idea in a text by negotiating. We read the text Lester and Clyde. This was a text about the consequences of pollution. Our group think the main idea was yellow words highlighted.


We found this activity helpful because it helps our brain get smarter and better at writing good sentences.

Organ Instrument

Today me and my group were looking up things about the organ.

First we had to make a DLO of a organ with some facts. The first person to make an organ was Ctesibius Of Alexandria. Ctesibius Of Alexandria was the inventer of the organ.

The organ instrument is made out of wood and metal. The pipes is can be metal and the pipes work by getting wind into them.

We made a script of the organ to record about what the organ is and what it can do and what it is used for.

Organs are important for funerals, and for the people that did not make it when they are cancer.

I enjoyed learning about the history of organs. I did good at finding who was the first to invent an organ. I need to improve on reading more about the history of organs.

Billy Goats Gruff

I learnt about billy goats gruff. I watched the story of billy goats gruff. The story was there was 3 goats and 1 troll.

In the story 1 goat was the biggest and oldest. 1 goat was the middle goat and 1 goat was the smallest. The smallest 1 was the smartest and the strongest is the biggest goat.

The 3 goats ate all the grass and they did not know what to do. Then they saw more grass on the other side and they had to cross the bridge. But when the smallest one  got on the bridge he was about to go to the other side but the troll came out and blocked the bridge. The smallest goat said he wants to go to the other side and eat grass there the troll said im gonna eat you instead.

The smallest goat said to not eat me because he is very small and his brother is bigger then the troll allowed him to cross the bridge.

The middle billy goat came and wanted to come eat with the smallest billy goat but the troll came out and then said who is walking on my bridge. The troll was gonna eat the goat but he said his brother is much more bigger to eat, when the troll and goat finished talking the troll let him go.

The oldest billy goat came and said can I cross the bridge to join my brothers. Then the troll said no you I am going to eat you. The biggest goat was very angry so he rushed and head butted the troll is belly.

I enjoyed doing this activity. I did good at doing this activity. I need to imrpove on learning more of this.


Processed Food

Today I learnt about that processed food is bad.

I was talking about that processed food is bad for us because it contains sugar and fat. Our body needs fat but if we eat too much we could reach diabetes, sugar is bad for us because when you eat too much of it you could get diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Processed food can be good to eat and it also eliminates microorganisms, bacteria, but it also can make you get diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure if you eat too much. If you eat too much go on a diet.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did well at finding the bad stuff of processed food. I need to improve on finding the good things about processed food.

Processed Food

Processed food is food that is processed to not make microorganisms come on it.

People were keeping the processed food from making it food spoiling for thousands of years. Dont eat too much processed food and sugar. Otherwise you will get heart disease, obesity, dia betes and high blood pressure.

The bad thing about processed food is cookies, sugary drinks, deli meats, and frozen pizza, salty snacks like chips, and most breakfast cereals.

My opinion was, we should not eat too much processed food, they get people heart disease, obesity, dia betes and high blood pressure,  sugar and processed food are bad for you if you eat too much. You could die if you eat too much. If you noticed that you ate too much you can go on a diet.


Today I did evaluating.

First we had to summarise the two sides, I wrote slide 1 too crowded, I wrote side 2 not crowded, I had to talk about the swimming pool  that is crowded with hundereds of people and talk about that there is more space on the crowded swimming pool.

Next was Conversation and Opinion, we had to say what we really think about the crowded swimming pool, I said no because theres too many people crowding the swimming pool and that makes them tame all the spaces. I think we should not go to the swimming pool because It is crowded by too many people.

I enjoyed writing my 2 slides. I need to improve on getting more words on my 2 slides. I did good at summairising the 2 slides for the crowded swimming pool.


Summarising – Ants and Grasshopper

Today I did Summarising about Ants and Grasshopper.

First me and my group were reading the book called Ants and Grasshopper, we were reading the first page of the book, we got some idea’s from the book by getting important words and most important words.

When we finished reading the book we had to finish our summarising, we had our 20 important words and 6 most important words, we used those important words to sum up the text in a few sentences, the sentences was a compund senctence because we used FanBoys.

Taj Mahal

Today I finished my DLO about Taj Mahal.

In the history of Taj Mahal Shah Jahan had 2 wifes, the 2 wifes born alot of babys, there were 16 babys. The baby’s were Dara Shikoh, Shah Shuja, Roshanara Begum, Jahanara Begum, Aurangzeb, Gauhar Ara Begum. Murad Bakhsh, Sultan Ummid Bakhsh, Sultan Daulat Afza, Hur-ul -Nisa Begum, Sultan Lutfallah, Parhez Banu Begum, Purhanar Banu Begum, Huralnissa Begum, Shahzadi Surayya Banu Begum, Husnara Begum. Taj Mahal was made in 1632, and it took them 22 years to build the Taj Mahal house. They built Taj Mahal to remember his beloved wife. fact I learned about Shah Jahan’s history is one of the most significant Mughal Empire architectural marvels still stands in all its beauty and finesse in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. Taj Mahal is made out of white marbles. I learned alot about Shah Jahan and his house Taj Mahal, I want to learn more about Shah Jahan’s life. 

I enjoyed reading some the historys about Shah Jahan’s life.

I did good writing alot of sentences.

I need to learn more about Shah Jahan’s life.

Making Connection

Today I learned about making connections.

I made a connection with the 3 little pigs and 1 wolf. I made a connection with the wolf, the wolf was burning so that made a connection with me. because I went to sit on a bench but there was a little stick on fire but I didin’t see it there. I put my hand on it and my hand burned, I added ice to my hand to heal. And the wolf was burnning too so that made a connection with me.