Billy Goats Gruff

I learnt about billy goats gruff. I watched the story of billy goats gruff. The story was there was 3 goats and 1 troll.

In the story 1 goat was the biggest and oldest. 1 goat was the middle goat and 1 goat was the smallest. The smallest 1 was the smartest and the strongest is the biggest goat.

The 3 goats ate all the grass and they did not know what to do. Then they saw more grass on the other side and they had to cross the bridge. But when the smallest one  got on the bridge he was about to go to the other side but the troll came out and blocked the bridge. The smallest goat said he wants to go to the other side and eat grass there the troll said im gonna eat you instead.

The smallest goat said to not eat me because he is very small and his brother is bigger then the troll allowed him to cross the bridge.

The middle billy goat came and wanted to come eat with the smallest billy goat but the troll came out and then said who is walking on my bridge. The troll was gonna eat the goat but he said his brother is much more bigger to eat, when the troll and goat finished talking the troll let him go.

The oldest billy goat came and said can I cross the bridge to join my brothers. Then the troll said no you I am going to eat you. The biggest goat was very angry so he rushed and head butted the troll is belly.

I enjoyed doing this activity. I did good at doing this activity. I need to imrpove on learning more of this.


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