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Long Division

LI: Carry numbers to the next collumn if needed

For this task I did long division.

To do long division you will have to divid the first digit and then put the answer on the top. Then you times it with your divisor and subtract it with the first digit. After that you bring the second digit to the bottom and put your subtracted answer next to it and repeat the process until you get your answer.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun to do long division.

Addition Algorithm

LI: Carry numbers to the next column if needed

For this task we did addition algorithm.

To do addition algorithm the first digit of your number will add with the bottem, if your number goes over ten then take 1 from the ten and put it on top of the second digit. Then when you done your second digit answer you add the one onto your second digit answer and it goes 1 number up. Do the same to the rest of your digits and you will get your answer.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun to learn the addition algorithm.

Subtraction Algorithm

LI: To subtract using algorithm.

For this task I did subtraction algorithm.

To do subtraction algorithm you have to subtract the bottom, if the top digits are not bigger than the bottom digits then you borrow one number from the other digits and then your number will have a 10. After you done that put your answer under the line.

I enjoyed this activity because it was easy to do subtract algorithm.


LI: Round numbers up to the millions and two decimal places.

For this task we rounded up the numbers.

If you have to round up the thousands digit number you look in front of the thousands digit and see if its a high number or low number. If the number is low the thouands digit doesent change but the numbers in front of it change to zero, if the number is high then the thousands digit go 1 number up and the numbers in front of it change to zero.

Muitiplacation Algorithm

LI: Write a vertical algorithm.

For this task did muiltiplacation algorithm.

Muiltiplacation algorithm is like a easy way of solving hard questions. To do this the first digit of the top number is going to muiltiply all the numbers at the bottem, then you put your answer under the line. After that you continue that with the other digit numbers. If your number goes over 10 you put it on top of the other numbers. lastly you add your answers all together and your finished.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun to learn about muiltiplacation algorithm.

Statistics DLO

LI: To read the text, gather, sort, graph and analyse the data.

For this task we made a DLO about the blog posts bar graph.

We used google spreadsheets first to make our bar graphs, Then we write how many blog posts we’ve done and add it to the bar graphs. My highest blog posts was on 2022 august, it has 31 blog posts done.

I learnt what mean, median and mode means in maths, mean means the total of the group of numbers divided by how many numbers there are, median means put the number smallest to biggest and find the number in the middle and that is your median. Mode means make the numbers smallest to biggest and count how many numbers are the same for example there are 3 13s. If that number has more of the same number then that is your mode.

I enjoyed this activity because it was interesting to see what was my highest blog posts and what was my lowest blog posts I have done.


Today I learnt what temperature can do.

The temperature can measure how hot or cold somthing is. When we learnt what temperature is we had to make a DLO about what is the hottest place and what is the coldest place.

The hottest place is Dallol, Ethiopia. In Dallol, Ethiopia no one lives there because they can die in the hot and it is not easy to survive in. The temperature of Dallol, Ethiopia is 49C degrees hot.

The coldest place on earth is Eastern Antarctic Plateau. It is very cold and snowy in there. if water was there it would freeze. It is -94C degrees cold in Eastern Antarctic Plateau.

I enjoyed learning what the coldest place in the earth is. I need to improve on learning more about the hottest place. I did good a searching the coldest place on earth is.

Telling The time

Today I was learning how to tell the time.

On the clock there is 1 side that has to and the other side it has past. The short hand is the hour hand and the minute hand is the long hand.

First we had to take a picture of 5 clocks and then tell the time. After I took 5 pictures and was thinking about where the hour hand is pointing at and where the minute hand is pointing at.

The first one was easy because the hour hand was pointing to the 2 and the minute hand was pointing to the 2 dots next to the four. That means the time is 2:22.

I enjoyed learning about how to tell the time. I need to improve on learning my quarter to and my quater past. I did good at learning my tos and pasts.


Today we were learning about about statistics.

First we needed a 2 cones, measuring tape and a person to jump. The cone was at the back of the person that is going to jump and the cone is with the other person who is going to put the cone in front of her foot. When the person from my group jump she landed on her feet. When she landed I had to come and put the cone in front of her feet and then she can leave.

Then the other person comes with the measuring tape and pulls the measuring tape out and then another person comes and pushes the measuring tape to the ground so it can not move. The other person is going to the cone I put and then stops and then says how much meters she jumped.

I enjoyed learning statistics. I need to improve on going faster to put the cone in front of her. I did good at putting the cone in front of her.

Measuring The PBS School Field

Today I was learning about measuring the PBS field.

First I had to make a copy of the google map and then I have to click the ruler to measure the school field.

The left and right side of the field is 90 meters. The bottem and top is 64 meters. When I measured the sides and up and downs I took a picture of this and then pasted it to my google draw.

After that I wrote how much meters does the sides and up and downs have and corners. The corners have 20 meters.

I enjoyed doing this task. I did good at this task. I need to improve on doing more measuring.