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Moko Ika Hikuwaru

LI: To learn and illustrait a taniwha using our imagination.


This week we made a Taniwha with our imagination. We made our Taniwha pink and lives in the volcano, the details is lava, the treasure chest, the 2 other volcanos, the star and the rocks. Some rocks are flying out the volcano. Me and my partner added detail to the Taniwha, the Taniwha had wings and scales on his body, it has 6 legs and 1 tail. Our Taniwha is pink and is protecting the treasure behind him.

I found this activity great because I like making art with my imagination.

Explanation Writing

LI: To understand the structure and language features in an explanation

How did Goldilocks upset the bear family?

To upset someone it’s to make them disappointed, worried, or unhappy. In the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears. She makes unwise decisions. Have you ever broken into someone’s house? 

Goldilocks found a cottage and entered into private property without permission from owners. Goldilocks was disrespectful and has no self morals which is shown when  she ate the bear family’s porridge. She sat on the baby chair in addition she ended up breaking the chair leaving it in pieces.

When the bears got home, they were shocked to find their porridge eaten and  the baby chair was broken. Imagine how upset you would feel getting home to find someone had broken into your house!

To help us understand how to write an explanation we looked at the purpose, the structure (what it looks like) and the language features. An explanation tells us how or why something is the way it is. To help us understand this we learnt about cause and effect. Cause and effect is an action and a reaction. We used the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to help us understand this. Here is our explanation that describes how Goldilocks upset the Bear family.

This activity was fun because I learnt a lot about this story. I never read the story called Goldilocks and the three Bears.

Treasure Hunt

Today we were doing treasure hunt.

We had to collect things for a summer learning journy list.We had to collect paper, ruler, cup, rocks and something that is a string. We rolled the paper and then added 3 tapes on it. Then I took a photo of it and then labeled it.

I completed that task and now I had to put it back where I found those. Once I have completed it I have to complete other things on the summer learning journy.

I enjoyed doing teasure hunt. I need to improve on finishing other things on the summer learning journy. I did good at finding things on the list.

Comparing 2 Stories

Today I compared 2 stories that is battle of the mountains, maui and the sun.

First I was reading battle of the mountains and it had battling and fighting in it, when I was reading Maui and the Sun they also had fighting in it and then I compared those 2 stories talking about the fighting. Maui was fighting the sun, battle of the mountains were fighting each other and that means that those 2 stories had fighting in it.

I enjoyed comparing the 2 stories. I did good at comparing the stories. I need to improve on getting more stories done.

Performing a Speech

Today I was performing a speech about don’t waste lunches.

We had to be in group of 4 people in 1 group, then I went out side with my group because all the year 6s had to go out side and perform. My group was Beanniesea, Ane and Siniva. I was the last to perform, when we were done performing Siniva and Ane did good but only 1 person has to go perform to the assembely, me and 1 person from my group has to do the judge, I picked Ane because she did the most and then she had to practise perform.

I did good at performing. I need to improve on getting a louder voice. I enjoyed performing.





Film Practise

Today I was practising to film.

First we were writing a script to film, I was the teacher and Aarush was the student and Maurice was the recorder.

I was the teacher and I said Aarush, Aarush said yes Mr. Langi, I said can you go and get Mike, Alex, Steve and Markis. Then Aarush said can you repeat the names again I forgot.

I enjoyed practising to act. I need to improve on getting the film finish in 10s. I did good at acting.


Today I did evaluating.

First we had to summarise the two sides, I wrote slide 1 too crowded, I wrote side 2 not crowded, I had to talk about the swimming pool  that is crowded with hundereds of people and talk about that there is more space on the crowded swimming pool.

Next was Conversation and Opinion, we had to say what we really think about the crowded swimming pool, I said no because theres too many people crowding the swimming pool and that makes them tame all the spaces. I think we should not go to the swimming pool because It is crowded by too many people.

I enjoyed writing my 2 slides. I need to improve on getting more words on my 2 slides. I did good at summairising the 2 slides for the crowded swimming pool.


Summarising – Ants and Grasshopper

Today I did Summarising about Ants and Grasshopper.

First me and my group were reading the book called Ants and Grasshopper, we were reading the first page of the book, we got some idea’s from the book by getting important words and most important words.

When we finished reading the book we had to finish our summarising, we had our 20 important words and 6 most important words, we used those important words to sum up the text in a few sentences, the sentences was a compund senctence because we used FanBoys.

Kelly Sport Dodge Ball

I did Kelly sport.

When we went to the hall our coach explained some rules.

The game was jedi dodge ball. The rules was 2 people has to be a jedi for the 2 teams, 1 for one team and the other for another team. The 2 teams is orange and purple, I was in purple team.

If someone gets hit by the ball they have to sit down and wait for the jedi to come and tap them with the pool noodle.

When someone throw the ball to you and you catch it you are still in game but the person who threw the ball has to sit down.

After that we played elimination dodge ball. Elimination dodge ball had no jedi’s because  if the people get hit they have to sit on the stage but if the people in your team catch a ball one person can come in the game.

I did well at dodging. I have to improve catching the ball and not dropping it. I did good at throwing.