Treasure Hunt

Today we were doing treasure hunt.

We had to collect things for a summer learning journy list.We had to collect paper, ruler, cup, rocks and something that is a string. We rolled the paper and then added 3 tapes on it. Then I took a photo of it and then labeled it.

I completed that task and now I had to put it back where I found those. Once I have completed it I have to complete other things on the summer learning journy.

I enjoyed doing teasure hunt. I need to improve on finishing other things on the summer learning journy. I did good at finding things on the list.

One thought on “Treasure Hunt

  1. Kia ora David

    You have taken a very good picture of all the items on your list that make up your science toolkit. Everything is clearly labelled and easy to see!

    I wonder what was the trickiest item to find?

    Thank you
    Manar (Summer Learning Journey Team)

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