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Information Report : Bengal Swamp Tiger

LI: to write an information report that informs the reader about the Swamp Tiger.


We used our smart searching skills to find facts about the Bengal Swamp Tiger. Once we had found the information we needed we made notes in our own words. We used these notes to help us write our information reports. Information reports give readers with information on a chosen topic by providing them with facts.


Swamp tigers are animals who live in the Sunderbans. These tigers’ scientific name is Panthera Tigris Tigris. They are  endangered animal species and predators. Since they are endangered animals their population has 100 left now.

Swamp tigers fur has black stripes to camouflage itself when hunting. Those beasts can run up to 300 – 400 yards without stopping. They are mostly successful at hunting their prey with that kind of speed and strength.

Details: Massive, they have huge claws, big nose, and a giant mouth. They can swim very well underwater and can hold their breath for 1 minute. They weigh 180 kg, their height is 164 cm – 193 cm. Their skin is orange. It’s rare to see a swamp tiger.

Swamp tigers are carnivore animals because they only eat animals that have meat. They are smart when hunting their prey. 

Diet: Otters, birds, rhesus, fishes, crabs, turtles, rats, frogs, deers and cats [rare]. Swamp tigers only eat meat which means they are carnivals. They hunt very well and they enjoy eating it. Swamp tigers are patient when hunting.

Swamp tigers are big cats who mostly live in their habitat. They live in hot areas, swamps, jungles and forests. They enjoy living in their habitats and they mark it as their territory. Swamp tigers can easily unalive its prey when it comes to their habitat because they know their area more than they do.

The interesting facts about swamp tigers is they love water unlike the pet cats. They can unalive its prey faster by biting its neck. Did you know swamp tigers really enjoy going in water?

Explanation Writing

LI: To understand the structure and language features in an explanation

How did Goldilocks upset the bear family?

To upset someone it’s to make them disappointed, worried, or unhappy. In the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears. She makes unwise decisions. Have you ever broken into someone’s house? 

Goldilocks found a cottage and entered into private property without permission from owners. Goldilocks was disrespectful and has no self morals which is shown when  she ate the bear family’s porridge. She sat on the baby chair in addition she ended up breaking the chair leaving it in pieces.

When the bears got home, they were shocked to find their porridge eaten and  the baby chair was broken. Imagine how upset you would feel getting home to find someone had broken into your house!

To help us understand how to write an explanation we looked at the purpose, the structure (what it looks like) and the language features. An explanation tells us how or why something is the way it is. To help us understand this we learnt about cause and effect. Cause and effect is an action and a reaction. We used the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears to help us understand this. Here is our explanation that describes how Goldilocks upset the Bear family.

This activity was fun because I learnt a lot about this story. I never read the story called Goldilocks and the three Bears.

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