Moko Ika Hikuwaru

LI: To learn and illustrait a taniwha using our imagination.


This week we made a Taniwha with our imagination. We made our Taniwha pink and lives in the volcano, the details is lava, the treasure chest, the 2 other volcanos, the star and the rocks. Some rocks are flying out the volcano. Me and my partner added detail to the Taniwha, the Taniwha had wings and scales on his body, it has 6 legs and 1 tail. Our Taniwha is pink and is protecting the treasure behind him.

I found this activity great because I like making art with my imagination.

2 thoughts on “Moko Ika Hikuwaru

  1. Hi David, I like your drawing and I think you need to improve on like putting on spikes on his back and I have a question for you, what is your favorite design of the Moko-Ika-Hikuwaru?

    1. Hello Aarush, thank you for liking my drawing, I do need to improve on more details on my art. My favourite design of the Moko Ika Hikuwaru is the head.

      From David

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