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Athletics Day

Today was athletics day.

At Athletics day we started off with high jump. Our coach and teacher explained the rules. We had to do a high jump over the bar, if we make the bar fall down they are out if they make it they are still in. If they are still in then the coach will make it higher.

Next we did long jump. For long jump we have to make a long jump to see who has the longest jump. If you jump and you did not make it you can have another try after the round finishes.

After that we went to do shotput. In shotput you have to get a ball and put it on the side of your chin and then point and then when you are ready push the ball to throw. When we were playing shotput the ball was heavy.

Next was the last game. The last game before we go sprinting was discus. For discus we had to grab the discus and put our fingers at the end of the discus and then turn to your left or right side and then throw.

Lastly were gonna go sprinting. When we went sprinting the first class was room 5 then LS1 then LS2. In sprinting I did not win but I tried my best.

I did good at shotput. I enjoyed playing high jump. I need to improve on pushing the ball further.

Discus and Shotput

Today I was doing HPE. For HPE we had to do discus and shotput.

For discus we had to open a little line between our four fingers and then put the thumb on the side of the discus. Then we had to make our hand very low to the ground and then release the discus.

Next we did shotput but the ball is more heavy and big. To play shotput you have to put the ball on the side of your chin then  lift your elbow like a chicken wings,point where you want to throw it and then push the ball.

I did good at HPE. I need to improve on pushing the ball properly. I did well at letting go the discus.


Today me and LS1 were playing shotput. To play shotput you have to get a tennis ball and get ready to throw the ball.

Before we were going to play shotput we had to learn the 3 things to throw the ball. First you put the ball on the right or left side of your chin then turn your body side ways and then push the ball to throw.

I threw the ball to my partner and then my partner catched the ball and then he had to throw the ball to me. We had to keep doing it until it was morning tea.

Then Aarush came from testing and joined us to throw the ball, we made a triangle to throw the ball fairly to each other.

I enjoyed doing HPE. I need to improve on learning more how to throw. I did good at throwing the ball to my partners.




Today I was playing Tball, the rules in the first game you have to run to the cone and then run back to the spot where you hit the ball.

Our coach made us go to 2 teams. Team 1 and 2, I was in team 1. When we were at team 1 we were first to hit the ball, when you hit the ball and the other team catches it they have to come put it on the T, when we hit the ball we have to run to the cone and then run back to the spot where you hit the ball to earn more points for your team.

Next we played a second game that was Tball but with other rules, you have to hit the ball and then run to the cone and then stand there and wait for the next person to hit the ball, when they hit the ball you have to run to the second cone and wait there for the next person. When the person hits the ball and the other team catches the ball thats strike 1. if you run all three cones you win for your team.

I did good at hitting the ball. I enjoyed playing the game. I need to improve on hitting the ball harder.


Today I did some volley ball skills that is setting, digging and passing.

First we had to get into 1 group of 2 people, then we get 1 ball to play with, we had to push the ball with our hands and then your partner pushes the ball back and then we  keep doing that.

Next we were playing digging, when your partner throws the ball you bend your knee and then put your arms together and hands and then lift up your hand to hit the ball and then the ball will go high.

Then we played abc, so we have to make a circle and then we hit the ball until we get to say z and when we say z we win, when you drop the ball you have to restart.

Lastly we played volleyball, we had to have 2 teams and leave the other 2 teams watching us, we had to vs each other, my team lost. When we lost we had to switch with the people that was watching us so they can join the game.

I did good at bouncing the ball. I need to improve on hitting the ball higher. I enjoyed playing volleyball.



Today I did HPE.

First our teacher Joe told us the rules,  the rules was to make a line so Joe can make you team 1 or 2, I was team 2. We had to run around the circle and get to the end of the line while team 1 is passing the ball, when they reach 100 they win. They reached 98 we reached 86.

Next we were playing passing, the rules was we had to pass the ball up and down, when we reach the end of the court we win. Team 1 won first round and team 2 won second round.

Last was shooters and defenders, we had to do 2 defenders and 2 shooters, the shooters will try and shoot the ball to our hoop to win, I was on defenders team.

I did good at passing the ball.

I need to improve on making space for me to pass pass the ball in line.

I enjoyed passing the ball.


Today I learned about netball.

First our coach explained about 2 defenders and 2 attackers, first the defenders had to stand next to the basketball hoop and then when the attackers come 1 attacker comes and stand behind the 2 defenders then the other attacker has to throw the ball at the attacker then throw it to the hoop, but it will be hard because the 2 defenders will try and catch the ball and when ever you move to try trick them they will come in front of you to get the ball.

Next we had to wear a red shirts but the others had to wear no red shirts because they are in blue team, I was in red team, we had to go in front of the person that has the ball because he will be passing the ball to us, when we reach the end of the court we throw the ball into the blue hula hoop, if we put all 4 balls in the hula hoop we win.

Lastly we played jedi dodge ball, jedi dodge ball is 1 jedi that can bring people back up with the pool noodle and when the jedi gets hit from the other team with the ball we lose, the other team is going to try to hit our jedi with the ball to win. my team won again.

I learned about passing the ball. I enjoyed throwing the ball to my partner. I need to improve on throwing it further. I did good at dodging the ball.


Today I did HPE.

First my Teacher Miss White explained the rules, we were going to play passing. We had to get a rugby ball and get 4 people in 1 group, we passed the rugby ball to each other.

Next was relay race, we had to be in 6 groups and have 1 ball, we had to make 3 people walk forward and then pass the ball to eachother, we keep passing and passing until we get back to our line and then give the ball to someone else. We even had a race and my team won.

Lastly we were playing rippa tag. In rippa tag we had to get 3 people from 1 team and another 3 people in another team, Then they had to try rip each others tags. Their was team red and team blue, I was in team blue but we lose to the red team. I only ripped 2 tags off 2 people.

I did well at catching. I need to work on my ripping. I enjoyed throwing the ball.


Today we played rippa rugby.

First our Chelsea told us the rules of the game, we had to get a belt and get 2 tags. The only teams are yellow and red, we had to run at the people and rip the tags off them, if their 2 tags are off theire belt they have to go on the side.

Next we had to be in red and yellow teams, one person has 1 ball and the other team has to try and rip their tags because if they dont and the other team reaches the other side and touches the ground with the ball they win but the other team who didin’t rip the tags lose. But when they rip the person who has the ball 5 times.

I enjoyed ripper rugby but I need to work on my running. I did well watching other people so I didn’t get surprise tagged.


Kelly Sport Dodge Ball

I did Kelly sport.

When we went to the hall our coach explained some rules.

The game was jedi dodge ball. The rules was 2 people has to be a jedi for the 2 teams, 1 for one team and the other for another team. The 2 teams is orange and purple, I was in purple team.

If someone gets hit by the ball they have to sit down and wait for the jedi to come and tap them with the pool noodle.

When someone throw the ball to you and you catch it you are still in game but the person who threw the ball has to sit down.

After that we played elimination dodge ball. Elimination dodge ball had no jedi’s because  if the people get hit they have to sit on the stage but if the people in your team catch a ball one person can come in the game.

I did well at dodging. I have to improve catching the ball and not dropping it. I did good at throwing.