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Being inclusive To Others

Today I was learning about being inclusive to others. Inclusive means including others who wants to play. Then they will explain what they are doing.

When you are playing and you see someone alone and wants to play you can include them and that will make them happy. When your alone and you see that person you included is playing with others they might come and do the same thing you did to him.

Make sure when people are alone be kind to them and be nice so they are not alone. Include them when they are alone and make them happy.

I enjoyed learning what inclusive means. I need to improve on learning more about inclusive. I did good at thinking about what inclusive means.

Film Practise

Today I was practising to film.

First we were writing a script to film, I was the teacher and Aarush was the student and Maurice was the recorder.

I was the teacher and I said Aarush, Aarush said yes Mr. Langi, I said can you go and get Mike, Alex, Steve and Markis. Then Aarush said can you repeat the names again I forgot.

I enjoyed practising to act. I need to improve on getting the film finish in 10s. I did good at acting.

Bathroom Procedures

I learned about bathroom procedures.

The first expectation is when you are done using the toilet you have to go wash your hands with soap and then wipe your hands because there are germs in the water.

Before you are going to the bathroom make sure you inform the teacher that you have to go to the bathroom.

If you don’t then they won’t know where you are and they won’t know where you are if there is a fire alarm.