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CyberSmart | Blog Comments

Today for cybersmart I wrote a draft reply on a google slide. There are 3 types of comments that you can say to the blogs. First is you are greeting the blogger and being nice about their blog and what you like about it. Second is respond, when a person comments to your blog you respond a nice comment and answer the question. Last, you have to question the blogger about how they blog their post or asking a question.

I enjoyed this because it is nice to comment to a persons blog.

How to Keep Your Netbook Safe

How to keep your net book safe.

To keep your netbook safe you keep your netbook away from food and drinks. When your done eating and drinking wash your hands before you touch your chromebook.
Dont watch videos that want you to click the link to get free things because this can hijack your account or have access to your computer and add viruses and do bad things.

Make sure to turn on your adblocker because the ad my have inppropriate stuff on it. Make sure to go on big gaming websites that have no ads like mincraft. Small gaming websites can be an unsafe website that can hijack your account.

I enjoyed learning how to keep your netbook safe. I need to learn more. I did good and learning how to keep your netbook safe.

How to Take Care of Your Netbook

How to Take Care of Your Netbook.

First you use 2 of your hands to hold your chromebook and put your fingers under you chrome book.

Next put your pinky finger to your left side of your chrome book so it does not fall on that side.

Then put your thumb on the right side of your chrome book to make it not fall on the right side.

Your arms make the chrome book hold the back and the front from making it fall. If you dont hold those sides it will fall and damage your chrome book.

Make sure to take care of your netbook so you dont damage your netbook.

Keep the food and drink away from the chromebook. Wash and dry your hands after eating before using the netbook.

Open the screen in the middle top of the chrome book properly so you dont damage netbooks by opening it fast.

Put your chrome book on the hard suface so you dont get the heat to come back on your chrome book.

I enjoyed doing this task. I need to improve on making more labels. I did good at this task.


I learned about 5 facts.

1. First I learned about the Russians landed on the moon in 1969.

2. I learned about the tardigrade is a microscopic animal that can survive being exposed to space.

3. The inland Taipan is the most venomous snake in the world.

4. Whales are evolved from the land mammals.

5. The Titanic wasthe biggest wooden ship ever made when it was built.




Te Reo Maori

Today I finished my DLO of Dame Whina Cooper.

Whina Cooper was renowned for her activism in fighting for Maori land rights. She was born in northern Hokianga on 9 December 1895. By the 1930s, she was a significant leader in northern Hokianga, and set up Maori land development schemes in the region with Apirana Ngata.

I learned about Dame Whina Cooper played an active role in 1932 with apirana.

I enjoyed learning about Dame Whina Cooper because I didnt know anything before.

Bad Comments

Today I learned about bad comments.

I had to put the words in the right order.

When im done I have to right the good situations under the box.

I had to put the boxes on the other boxes that say.

Scams, Bully, Phishing, Predetors, Malware, regretful posting and Posting privare information.


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