How to Take Care of Your Netbook

How to Take Care of Your Netbook.

First you use 2 of your hands to hold your chromebook and put your fingers under you chrome book.

Next put your pinky finger to your left side of your chrome book so it does not fall on that side.

Then put your thumb on the right side of your chrome book to make it not fall on the right side.

Your arms make the chrome book hold the back and the front from making it fall. If you dont hold those sides it will fall and damage your chrome book.

Make sure to take care of your netbook so you dont damage your netbook.

Keep the food and drink away from the chromebook. Wash and dry your hands after eating before using the netbook.

Open the screen in the middle top of the chrome book properly so you dont damage netbooks by opening it fast.

Put your chrome book on the hard suface so you dont get the heat to come back on your chrome book.

I enjoyed doing this task. I need to improve on making more labels. I did good at this task.

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