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Te Reo Maori

Today we were doing Te Reo Maori.

We looked at the pictures and most of us knew those pictures. We looked up for the pictures names, The people that are in the pictureare famous because some of them were the royal family.

Next we answered the questions that says who the famous people is mother and father.

I found this Great because I got to know what the famous people is name was. This was interesting.

Te Reo Maori

Today I was doing Te Reo Maori. For Te Reo Maori I had to learn my lefts rights, tops and bottoms.

First I did the easy ones it had square, triangle and circle. Matau means right, maui means left, waenganui means middle, raro means bottom and runga means top.

We went on the slides of shapes and I had to find the circle. The circle was on the right so I said Matau and it was correct.

I did good at Te Reo Maori. I did well at Te Reo Maori. I need to improve on learning more lefts and rights on Te Reo Maori.

Witi Ihimaera

Today I finished my Te Reo Maori.

I was learning about Witi Ihimaera, I answerd the questions about Witi Ihimaera.

The questions were what were some of the stories witi wrote. In 2012 he published the first volume of his autobiography, Maori Boy. how did his childhood influence his work, After his early works he took a ten-year break from writing, during which he focused on editing an athology of Maori writing in english.

I did good at searching up about Witi Ihimaera, I enjoyed reading Witi Ihimaera is history, I need to improve on getting more information frm Witi Ihimaera.

Speech Persuasive Writing

Today I did my Te Reo Maori about Sir Apirana Ngata.

If you get a 50 doller note you can see Sir Apirana Ngata is face because he is a famous man.

Sir Apirana Ngata is famous and he has interesting, his facts is: What were some of his greatest achievements? He was the first Maori person tobe knighted. Sir Apirana Ngata was born in July 3 1874 at Te Araroa, he died at 1950.





Te reo Maori

Today I learned some maori words and left rights.

First we had to pick a card and then when she says homai tote we have to give it to her, it was a picture.

Then we had to stand up and when she says maui we jump and switch legs.

I enjoyed doing left and right but I have to say some words properly.

Te Maori

Today we learned about Maori numbers.

Whaea Odie said tekou ma rua then had to grab a card they says 10, and the other card 2.

This time she made it a bit hard Whaea Odie said rua tekou ma rima, so I picked up two cards of ten to make 20, then grabed a card that is 5.

I learned my maori numbers.

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