Year: 2022

One Line Draw

Today I was doing one line draw.

The one line draw is drawing something without letting the pen go.

I drew a stick man with hair because it was easier.

I did not let go the pen and then means I did it.

I enjoyed doing the one line draw. I need to improve on drawing a harder one. I did good at one line draw.

Summer Learning journey

Today I did the summer learning journey.

We had to make a see saw with a fork and scrap paper. I used a ruler and scrap paper because there is no fork.

After when you get those items you have to tie it.

Then when you are done get a cup and ball or dice, then push the front of the ruler to shoot the dice to the cup.

I enjoyed making a see saw. I did good at making a see saw. I need to improve on getting the dice in the cup.

Treasure Hunt

Today we were doing treasure hunt.

We had to collect things for a summer learning journy list.We had to collect paper, ruler, cup, rocks and something that is a string. We rolled the paper and then added 3 tapes on it. Then I took a photo of it and then labeled it.

I completed that task and now I had to put it back where I found those. Once I have completed it I have to complete other things on the summer learning journy.

I enjoyed doing teasure hunt. I need to improve on finishing other things on the summer learning journy. I did good at finding things on the list.


Today I learnt what temperature can do.

The temperature can measure how hot or cold somthing is. When we learnt what temperature is we had to make a DLO about what is the hottest place and what is the coldest place.

The hottest place is Dallol, Ethiopia. In Dallol, Ethiopia no one lives there because they can die in the hot and it is not easy to survive in. The temperature of Dallol, Ethiopia is 49C degrees hot.

The coldest place on earth is Eastern Antarctic Plateau. It is very cold and snowy in there. if water was there it would freeze. It is -94C degrees cold in Eastern Antarctic Plateau.

I enjoyed learning what the coldest place in the earth is. I need to improve on learning more about the hottest place. I did good a searching the coldest place on earth is.

Comment Threading

Today I was commenting on Aarush is blog.

We had to comment on our partners blog. We had to reply, then the creator of the blog replys to you and then you respond to your partner and then your partner relpys to you for the last reply.

I enjoyed doing commenting. I need to improve on writing more commenting. I did good at commenting.



Basic facts Boxes

Today finished all my basic facts.

I I completed 100% of my basic facts.

I finished it all in 7:26 minutes and it is longer because I did random numbers.

I enjoyed doing my basic facts. I did good at my basic facts. I need to improve on getting the time shorter.


Air Transport

Today I was desighing my aeroplane.

Aeroplane drivers have weather problems and they want the plane to not get damaged. They can make better armored and more protection to the aeroplane that way the plane does not get damaged.

First I added better protection from bad weathers like thunder. That way it will not get damaged. Then I added some speed to go faster.

I added a boat under the aeroplane to float when falling down to the sea. The small wings makes the aero plane curve easily.

My way of the aero plane is better because it has protection and it can float and can curve and is faster. I made it faster by adding 2 more wings. The plane is much more stronger than the normal plane. I added 2 small wings that can curve so they dont have to turn very slowly. The plane will float on water safetly.

I enjoyed designing my aeroplane. I did good at my pros and cons. I need to improve on adding more things for more saftey landings.


Commenting Thread

Today I was learning about commenting. Commenting is you sharing infromation about your work through comments.

We had to get 2 partners and then get 1 blog from your partner and 1 blog from your other partner.

After when you get your partners blog you have to comment. First you have to say a greeting, then what you learnt about the blog. Make a connection with it.

After your comment you have to add more infromation and then a question and then somthing positive to them.

I enjoyed learning how to comment. I need to improve on getting a longer comment. I did good at commenting on blogs.

Informal Letter

Today we had to write an informal letter.

I was writing a informal letter to my family and fake friends. First I wrote a letter about rainbows end.

I had to write a google doc and write 3 informal letters. I wrote about nice things and gifts.

After that we were done writing informal letters. I wrote one with rainbows end, I wrote about Hawaii and wrote about the vacation.

I enjoyed learning how to write a informal letter. I need to improve on writing more letters. I did good at writing informal letters.