Today I was learning about what tree means. T stands for titile. R stands for reveal. E stands for events. E stands for ending.

After we learned about TREE. We had to make a recount of what happened the weekends. For my title it was my cousins birthday.

My Title was My cousins birthday.

My reveal was we went to Fortuna resturant and then we had to wait for the fortuna resturant to open, it opens at 5:30 in the afternoon.

My events was the worker or waiter came with a small cheese cake with a candle on top, and chocolate sauce on it to give to my cousin.

My ending was I enjoyed. I improve on. I did well at.

I enjoyed this take because I liked to talk about eating in there. I did good at knowing what a recount is. I need to improve on knowing what TREE means.

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