Modern Cars and Olden Cars

Today I was learning about modern cars. The modern car I was learning about was Tesla’s. Tesla’s are electric cars that only use electricity to drive not gas.

Tesla’s can drive by there self because of the electricity. Under the tesla inside has a battery that can be charged by the electric station.

In side the bonet there’s an engine that gets powered by electricity to make the car drive. The bonet is in the front of the tesla that can be opened.

Next I was learning about the old car. The old is called the benz patent motorwagon. It was the first car to be made.

The benz patent motorwagon can only drive for 20 minutes and then stop, it has a lever that can steer the wheels to go left or right.

The benz patent wagon has 3 wheels, 1 is small and one is big. The small wheel is called the foot well, the foot well moves the car and the 2 big wheels moves when the engine turns on.

The engine makes the car drive for only 20 minutes.

I enjoyed at doing this activity. I need to improve on labling the hard parts of the cars. I did well at labling cars.

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