I learned about transportation. Transportation takes people from one place to another. There are 4 modes that can transport you. It is air, land, rail and sea.

The first mode I learnt was rail transport. Rail transport can only travel on train tracks. The wheels roll on the train tracks to move, the first person to invent cars was Richerd Trevithick.

My next mode I learnt was land. Land transport that can take you to other places. Land transport is vehicales you can only drive on the road. The car engine starts the car and when you drive the car will move and the wheels.

The next mode I learnt was air transport. Air transport are used to fly up in the sky like airplanes or warplanes. Some can be war planes to fight in war and the train works by its engine because the engine controlls the wings to move.

Lastly was sea, the sea trasportation has boats in it, the boats have mainsails and when the wind blows then the mainsail will move the boat. the Egyptians built the first boat 6000 years ago.

I did good at this activity. I need to improve on writting more. I enjoyed this activity.





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