Te Reo Maori

Today I finished my DLO of Dame Whina Cooper.

Whina Cooper was renowned for her activism in fighting for Maori land rights. She was born in northern Hokianga on 9 December 1895. By the 1930s, she was a significant leader in northern Hokianga, and set up Maori land development schemes in the region with Apirana Ngata.

I learned about Dame Whina Cooper played an active role in 1932 with apirana.

I enjoyed learning about Dame Whina Cooper because I didnt know anything before.

2 thoughts on “Te Reo Maori

  1. Kia Ora David,

    I like the colour you chose for your background and I also enjoy the ‘real’ photo of Dame Whina Cooper. It certainly makes me want to read on.
    Unfortunately, your words are blurry so I can’t read your work.
    I did read your work up above, and I noticed you mentioned Dame Whina Coopers work with Apirana. Do you know who Āpirana Ngata is? He was a pretty important Māori man here in New Zealand.

    Nga mihi nui ofr sharing your work with me, I look forward to seeing your next Māori blog.

    Miss Pryde

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