Today I did HPE.

First my Teacher Miss White explained the rules, we were going to play passing. We had to get a rugby ball and get 4 people in 1 group, we passed the rugby ball to each other.

Next was relay race, we had to be in 6 groups and have 1 ball, we had to make 3 people walk forward and then pass the ball to eachother, we keep passing and passing until we get back to our line and then give the ball to someone else. We even had a race and my team won.

Lastly we were playing rippa tag. In rippa tag we had to get 3 people from 1 team and another 3 people in another team, Then they had to try rip each others tags. Their was team red and team blue, I was in team blue but we lose to the red team. I only ripped 2 tags off 2 people.

I did well at catching. I need to work on my ripping. I enjoyed throwing the ball.

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