I watched all the schools movies and it was great.

The other schools names that made the movie was pt england, Glenbrae School, Glen Taylor school, My school panmure bridge school, Ruapotaka School, Fidelis school and other school. I enjoyed this movies because they were really funny.

My movie was about pokeblade. How pokeblade was made is from our favourite toys and anime. In the movie Kane gets pushed my Mercy and then Kane pulls out his pokeball and throws is and makes Riley come out. Then Mercy gets Ahil out, they were spinning like beyblades fighting and then Kane lost. Then Kane trained Riley and Riley evolved into a David. We were fighting again and this time Matheus got Zai lett out and Mercy got Ahil out. We were fighting and then I won.

I enjoyed watching these movies. I liked how they act. Next time I want to come back.

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