Today I was doing my skit, me and Norman and Jacob picked a story that is battle of the mountains.

Here is how we are going to practise the battle of the mountains.

 David is Pihanga 

Norman is Taranaki. Jacob is Tongariro. (change if you like just point out the differance)


Taranaki and Tongariro are kids that always fight and try to best eachother. When they grow up they realised Pihanga is beautiful and Taranaki and Tongariro fight over Pihanga they send hate to each other and Taranaki says “the battle begins” Tongariro attacks with a fireball and so does Taranaki they start coming together for close combat they fight for seasons then Taranaki says “I’ve had enough it is time for me to leave.”

Taranaki and Tongariro fight to best eachother. Taranaki and Tongariro are adults they look at Pihanga and find out she is beautiful. Then fight each other, Taranako Randomly punching to hopefully attack Tongariro. Tongariro blocks all the attacks and punches Taranaki in the head. Taranaki runs away and Tongariro wins.

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