Today I did some volley ball skills that is setting, digging and passing.

First we had to get into 1 group of 2 people, then we get 1 ball to play with, we had to push the ball with our hands and then your partner pushes the ball back and then we  keep doing that.

Next we were playing digging, when your partner throws the ball you bend your knee and then put your arms together and hands and then lift up your hand to hit the ball and then the ball will go high.

Then we played abc, so we have to make a circle and then we hit the ball until we get to say z and when we say z we win, when you drop the ball you have to restart.

Lastly we played volleyball, we had to have 2 teams and leave the other 2 teams watching us, we had to vs each other, my team lost. When we lost we had to switch with the people that was watching us so they can join the game.

I did good at bouncing the ball. I need to improve on hitting the ball higher. I enjoyed playing volleyball.


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