Today I did HPE.

First our teacher Joe told us the rules,  the rules was to make a line so Joe can make you team 1 or 2, I was team 2. We had to run around the circle and get to the end of the line while team 1 is passing the ball, when they reach 100 they win. They reached 98 we reached 86.

Next we were playing passing, the rules was we had to pass the ball up and down, when we reach the end of the court we win. Team 1 won first round and team 2 won second round.

Last was shooters and defenders, we had to do 2 defenders and 2 shooters, the shooters will try and shoot the ball to our hoop to win, I was on defenders team.

I did good at passing the ball.

I need to improve on making space for me to pass pass the ball in line.

I enjoyed passing the ball.

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