Catching and Passing

Today I did HPE.

The first game was octopus. Their was 2 taggers and when a tagger touch you have to be a seeweed and stand still and tag other people.

The next game was passing and catching, We had to go in 3’s. We made a traingle and threw the ball at each other and the aim of the game was to pass it for 20.

The last game was the same as passing and catchng but this time we have 2 teams. 1 person has to be in the middle and throw it to the person then they throw it back to them and then throw it to the other person, the goal was to pass it 20-40 times and then sit down fast. If you drop the ball you have to start again.

I enjoyed passing the ball. I did well at catching the ball. I need to improve throwing the ball faster.

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