Month: June 2022

Basic Facts v2

Today I was doing my basic facts.

I finished it in 24:59s, I did some answers wrong and some right.

I was figuring some answers out for along time.

I did well but I have to improve of figuring it out fast.

Next time I will do better.

Bad Comments

Today I learned about bad comments.

I had to put the words in the right order.

When im done I have to right the good situations under the box.

I had to put the boxes on the other boxes that say.

Scams, Bully, Phishing, Predetors, Malware, regretful posting and Posting privare information.


Te reo Maori

Today I learned some maori words and left rights.

First we had to pick a card and then when she says homai tote we have to give it to her, it was a picture.

Then we had to stand up and when she says maui we jump and switch legs.

I enjoyed doing left and right but I have to say some words properly.

Bees Ecosystem and Sustainability

Bees ecosystem and sustainabillity.

Me and my group have made a video of bees ecosystem and sustainability.

We had to make a google doc and write the words to practice before we present.

On monday next week we are gonna present our work.

I think im gonna do good work.



Today we did hpe.

We had 3 groups and played piggy in the middle but with America football.

I throw the ball but Aarush catch it and then I had to be in the the middle, Kane threw the ball but I catched it and then he had to be in the middle.

Next group B had to play piggy in the middle but with all of us.

Only 3 people and 1 teacher wanted to be the piggy.

I had fun and did well at throwing but need to improve on my catching.

Shark Book

Today I learned about sharks.

I learned that the biggest shark in New Zealand was a whale shark, it was one of the biggest sharks on New Zealand.

The rig sharks have white spots on their back and that makes them sometime called bambi of sharks world, rig sharks are sized 1 metre.

The great white shark is big because there size is 5 metre but they can grow up to 6 metre, the great white shark has a white belly and grey back.



Whale Tail

Today I made my whale tail by drawing it.

First I grab the colouring pen and ruler to draw, I was focused to finish it.

When I finished drawing my whale tail I can put on the stack of whale tail papers.

It was easy.


Today I learned how to make patterns on google slide.

when patterns are in a line it can keep going because its in a line.

I made the patterns with shapes and when im done I have to make more but with different things, objects, colours, numbers, letters, and others.