Athletics Day

Today was athletics day.

At Athletics day we started off with high jump. Our coach and teacher explained the rules. We had to do a high jump over the bar, if we make the bar fall down they are out if they make it they are still in. If they are still in then the coach will make it higher.

Next we did long jump. For long jump we have to make a long jump to see who has the longest jump. If you jump and you did not make it you can have another try after the round finishes.

After that we went to do shotput. In shotput you have to get a ball and put it on the side of your chin and then point and then when you are ready push the ball to throw. When we were playing shotput the ball was heavy.

Next was the last game. The last game before we go sprinting was discus. For discus we had to grab the discus and put our fingers at the end of the discus and then turn to your left or right side and then throw.

Lastly were gonna go sprinting. When we went sprinting the first class was room 5 then LS1 then LS2. In sprinting I did not win but I tried my best.

I did good at shotput. I enjoyed playing high jump. I need to improve on pushing the ball further.

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