Today I learned about netball.

First our coach explained about 2 defenders and 2 attackers, first the defenders had to stand next to the basketball hoop and then when the attackers come 1 attacker comes and stand behind the 2 defenders then the other attacker has to throw the ball at the attacker then throw it to the hoop, but it will be hard because the 2 defenders will try and catch the ball and when ever you move to try trick them they will come in front of you to get the ball.

Next we had to wear a red shirts but the others had to wear no red shirts because they are in blue team, I was in red team, we had to go in front of the person that has the ball because he will be passing the ball to us, when we reach the end of the court we throw the ball into the blue hula hoop, if we put all 4 balls in the hula hoop we win.

Lastly we played jedi dodge ball, jedi dodge ball is 1 jedi that can bring people back up with the pool noodle and when the jedi gets hit from the other team with the ball we lose, the other team is going to try to hit our jedi with the ball to win. my team won again.

I learned about passing the ball. I enjoyed throwing the ball to my partner. I need to improve on throwing it further. I did good at dodging the ball.

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