Kelly Sport Dodge Ball

I did Kelly sport.

When we went to the hall our coach explained some rules.

The game was jedi dodge ball. The rules was 2 people has to be a jedi for the 2 teams, 1 for one team and the other for another team. The 2 teams is orange and purple, I was in purple team.

If someone gets hit by the ball they have to sit down and wait for the jedi to come and tap them with the pool noodle.

When someone throw the ball to you and you catch it you are still in game but the person who threw the ball has to sit down.

After that we played elimination dodge ball. Elimination dodge ball had no jedi’s because  if the people get hit they have to sit on the stage but if the people in your team catch a ball one person can come in the game.

I did well at dodging. I have to improve catching the ball and not dropping it. I did good at throwing.

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