Air Transport

Today I was desighing my aeroplane.

Aeroplane drivers have weather problems and they want the plane to not get damaged. They can make better armored and more protection to the aeroplane that way the plane does not get damaged.

First I added better protection from bad weathers like thunder. That way it will not get damaged. Then I added some speed to go faster.

I added a boat under the aeroplane to float when falling down to the sea. The small wings makes the aero plane curve easily.

My way of the aero plane is better because it has protection and it can float and can curve and is faster. I made it faster by adding 2 more wings. The plane is much more stronger than the normal plane. I added 2 small wings that can curve so they dont have to turn very slowly. The plane will float on water safetly.

I enjoyed designing my aeroplane. I did good at my pros and cons. I need to improve on adding more things for more saftey landings.


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